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Ladd CCSD #94

Ladd School Remote Learning Plan

Vision for Remote Learning

Ladd School is dedicated to creating the best possible learning experience for students when remote learning days are necessary. The success of remote learning is dependent on all stakeholders committing to doing their part to advance student learning at all levels and in all curricular areas. Staff, students and parents each have a role to play in making remote learning successful for our students. This plan is intended to set clear expectations for all stakeholders and to provide resources necessary to make the most of our remote learning days. 

Expectations of the District

Expectations of Parents

Grade Level  Minimum Maximum Recommended Length of Sustained Attention
Pre-K 20 Minutes/Day 60 Minutes/Day 3-5 Minutes
K 30 Minutes/Day 90 Minutes/Day 3-5 Minutes
1-2 45 Minutes/Day 90 Minutes/Day 5-10 Minutes
3-5 60 Minutes/Day 120 Minutes/Day 10-15 Minutes
6-8 Class: 15 Minutes/Day

Total: 90 Minutes/Day

Class: 30 Minutes/Day

Total: 180 Minutes/Day

1 Subject Area

PreK-4 E-Learning Expectations

Expectations of Staff

Expectations of Students

5-8 E-Learning Expectations

Expectations of Staff

Expectations of Students

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance, email support@laddccsd94.com.

If you require a device to access digital learning resources, email Ms. Dawson at ddawson@laddccsd94.com

If you need access to WiFi, you can reach out to these resources. 

Comcast Internet Essentials

Verizon Increases Hotspot Data

MediaCom Resources

Want to know where the hotspots are near you?? Click here to find them.

Links to Learning Boards

The links below will be updated by 9:00am daily during remote learning days. You may access your child’s learning activities here. If you require assistance accessing these resources or have questions about assignments you may email your child’s teacher.


Third Grade


Fourth Grade

First Grade

Fifth Grade

Second Grade

Mrs. DeRubeis

Mrs. Nawa

Mrs. Flanagan

To access learning activities for 5th-8th grade log into your Google Classrooms. Parents who need access to Google Classroom can email the child’s teacher.


Grading during remote learning is focused on student engagement in activities, completion of work and growth. Grading during remote learning takes into account the changes in instructional delivery, student access to resources and the need for flexibility. Students will be expected to complete assignments by the given due dates and will be allowed to redo assignments as necessary to show growth and understanding. 

Completion of work during remote learning is REQUIRED. Students may receive credit for work completed that has satisfied the criteria set by the teachers for that assignment. Points for these assignments will be entered into TeacherEase as positive credit. 

Grades may be entered as missing or incomplete for any given assignment. Incomplete means that the child attempted the assignment but did not meet the criteria set by the teacher. Missing means that the child made no attempt to complete the assignment. Students may be required to complete missing or incomplete work when face to face instruction resumes.

Special Education and Related Services

Special Education minutes and related services will be maintained to the extent possible during remote learning days. Homeroom teachers will document attendance, however students will need to be in contact with their special education and related service teachers to complete work, receive specialized instruction and therapies. Some variation in minutes is to be expected and in relation to the variation in instructional minutes for all students. If you have concerns about service minutes for your child you may contact the classroom teacher or Ms. Dawson.

IEP and related meeting timelines will be maintained during remote learning days. Parents will be asked to attend meetings using video or phone access. If the parents do not wish to meet remotely, the child’s meeting will be rescheduled when face to face meetings may resume.

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First Grade


Second Grade


Third Grade


Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade


Sixth Grade


Seventh Grade


Eighth Grade




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